IA/UX Design

Employee Workspace

Per usability research and analysis, we created new information architecture with toggled experience to My Work (Tasks), My Company (News), My Benefits (Me). This redesign delivers a personalized experience via user attributes (role, location, etc.) along with the integration of social and content management applications. The responsive approach allows adaptability across environments, behaviors, and devices.

Art Direction

Lifestyle & Product Photography

Concepts and brands come to life with striking imagery. Through creative direction and collaboration with photographers, stylists, agency partners, and designers, these images were produced for various publications, product packaging, brand style guides, promotional material, and advertising collateral.

UX/UI Design

Dashboard Redesign

Through usability testing, we learned default dashboard items were only used at the beginning of a shift, and guidance was needed to complete essential tasks.

With only a maintenance budget, I updated the dashboard to be task-based and functional for an entire shift. Counts were added on tabs for visibility and prioritization.

Brand Standards/Packaging

allen + roth Rollout

allen + roth is a premium private brand for hundreds of cross-category home décor products at Lowe's. As Design Manager, I oversaw and collaborated with internal and external partners on the initial development and rollout of this brand with packaging concepts, in-store set design, photography standards, structural specifications and packaging layout templates.

UX Design/UI Design

User Task Functionality

The ability for an in-store associate to edit and/or create a customer record came about because of another project. This was the top feature that users were requesting in surveys and interviews. The solution is a web standards-based, easy-to-understand UI, alerting the user to any missed or incorrect information.

Creative Direction/Packaging

Style Selections Update

Style Selections is a private brand for hundreds of home décor, bath, garden, outdoor living, storage, and cleaning products. As Creative Manager, I oversaw and collaborated with internal and external partners on the redesign of the brand identity and positioning. In tandem with this, my team and I brought the brand to life on-shelf through packaging and promotional collateral and implemented photography standards and guidelines.

Art Direction/Layout Design

Book Publishing

I was fortunate to work in book publishing early in my career and it's a still one of my favorite projects to work on today. Collaborating with authors to bring their concepts and stories to life is definitely fueled by my own love for reading.

Brand Standards/Packaging

Utilitech Brand Extension

The expansion of Utilitech into the contractor/pro categories called for segmentation and an updated creative to go with it. With the customer and their environment in mind, we structurally made the package and product easy to pick from the shelf and carry to the job site.

Art Direction/Design/Production

Direct Mail Collateral

My early work at Lowe's involved designing and project managing the production of direct mail, advertising and marketing campaigns, public relations,in-store signage and POP collateral.